Monday, March 1, 2010

knowing no geography


Pretty much all of my life I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by so many people that genuinely care about me. From the start there has always been a familiar face right there to pick me up when I’m down or catch me when I fall. Sure, I have always continued to make new friends and form new relationships, but that safety net was always there. When I first started school way back when there was my family and my neighbors. When I went away to college , I went in with some of my best friends from high school. When I went to Luxembourg two of my best friends were there with me. In Chicago there were two great friends from my studies in Lux (now there must be a dozen of them there).

I think the Peace Corps marks the first time that I am truly trying something on my own. It’s definitely an exciting feeling, but coming into it was more than a little nerve-racking. I think I did a good job focusing on the excitement, but the anxiety was there whether I chose to admit it to anyone, or not.

I ran a fever today. It wasn’t anything too serious, but I felt like shit pretty much all day, and in Africa a fever can mean countless different things that are pretty much terrifying to even think of. I bring this up because as I sit here writing this, texts and calls from my fellow PCTs are pouring in just to check on how I am feeling. I realize now that I am not alone. A few weeks ago, I had never met a single one of these people, and yet today they are willing to take time out from what they are doing, drop a couple hundred shillings which they don’t really have just to make sure I am okay. In just a few short weeks we have already formed some very real bonds of friendship, and I couldn’t be more grateful that we have each other. I know that in a about two months we will all go our separate ways and head out to site, but I still feel encouraged. I am sure that it will take a bit more effort, but I see now that I can do this again. I think that I can continue to make friends and build relationships despite whatever barriers lay between me and my future community. I guess time will be the ultimate judge of this, but for now I am looking forward with optimism.


  1. Feel better! I am so so proud of you and love you very much!

  2. Excellent set of posts David, and very insightful. I've been looking at ecotourism in the SW and it looks exciting. Keep the posts coming!

  3. No man is an island.

    Like you were telling my mom, PC has a number of missions, and they are all based around people. I am sure that you will continue to make and develop relationships. That comes easily to you.

    Keep up the blogging.

  4. Dave,
    Glad to see the blog is up and running. I hope you are feeling better. I really enjoyed reading these posts, and am looking forward to more.

    Take Care,


  5. If you become an arsenal supporter I will fly over there and kill you myself....

    Feel better...we miss you and are all thinking about you. I'm glad to hear things are going well.

    Love you buddy,


    But seriously...I'll kill you.

  6. Get better soon, bro-han. I'm glad things are working out though. In spite of your many odd tendencies (and you have a ton of them -- let me tell you), people always find the good in Dave Szaronos.

  7. I just got around to reading all your posts and I'm so glad to hear you're adjusting well and winning the family over (with your [lack of] soccer knowledge and super cool American tunes). Hope you're feeling better by now. It's definitely not the same without you here, but the blog posts are fabulous. :)
    Be well.

  8. Dave, glad to hear you are settling into training. Definitely enjoying your posts and am living vicariously through you, please keep them coming. And I obviously miss

    Also to counter Luke's point....go Gunners!